FeedHenry In The News

May 2010 has been a very busy month for FeedHenry and we have enjoyed lots of very positive press coverage throughout the month. Our pre-launch event in the Science Gallery, Dublin was particularly enjoyable, with an excellent turnout and lots of great questions and feedback on the night.

A number of our recent press releases were covered in a variety of online publications:

Some of the articles are obviously duplicates of the main press releases but the breadth of coverage is still very welcome.

About FeedHenry

FeedHenry is the leading innovator in pay-as-you-go cloud solutions for building and deploying cross-platform business and telecoms apps that will run natively on all smartphones, social media sites and browser start-pages from a single code base. We specialise in the development of sophisticated business and telecoms apps, that need to operate across mobile and social media channels, and which require business logic and storage in the cloud, secure integration with existing IT and telecoms systems and delivered to our customers as a complete end-to-end solution with full app lifecycle management and analytics.

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