World Cup 2010 Draw

Like many workplaces around the world we too are holding an office draw in celebration of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. All 32 teams went into a hat and we each got to pick 2 teams (for a nominal fee of course). However, despite having the honor of being one of the first to pick, I still managed to pick two complete outsiders, North Korea and the Ivory Coast! The first one is probably a complete write off but the latter might stand a outside chance of causing one or two upsets. That said, with prizes for top 4 finishers, I’ll not be holding my breath on either team.

Who did you pick in your workplace draw?

2 thoughts on “World Cup 2010 Draw”

  1. The MUZU lads up in Dublin pulled teams out of a hat for us here in Waterford. They pulled, not joking, South Africa for me. So I’m happy, even if South Africa is an outside chance too.

    Good luck with North Korea and Ivory Coast. I see NK got to the quarter-finals in 1966.

  2. That’s amazing, and may even be a good omen for you. North Korea are certainly due a comeback then – there is certainly very little known about them. For what it’s worth, here are some of the other less-desirable pairings from around the office:

    • New Zealand & Denmark
    • Cameroon & Mexico

    and my personal favourite:

    • Slovenia & Honduras

    Now mine don’t look quite so bad after all!

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