Annoying SlashDot

I have to say that I find the way that SlashDot delivers its feed item content a little annoying. When a new item from them arrives at my Feed Reader, I read the summary and click on the “Read More” link expecting to be brought to a site that contains the juicy stuff that’s not in the summary. Instead, I find myself at the exact same article on the Slashdot website and have to further click there to visit the real source of the article.

Now I realise that this is generally the intended/expected behaviour but I contend that it should only be so when they have something extra to add to the summary. If there is nothing to add, then why not link me directly to the original article.

One thought on “Annoying SlashDot”

  1. They do that because of the comments below the summary. Now I find /. comments to be utterly inane and I’d love to link straight to the article too but they reason that the comments add value and so you should see them.

    Also /. want your eyeballs on their pages. There is no value to /. if you are using their RSS but skipping straight to other sites’ articles.

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