I’m delighted to announce the arrival of Adam Mernin to the world. He is the second son of my brother, John and his wife Julie. He arrived 2 weeks early at 9pm on Thursday, September 28th 2006 at Waterford Regional Hospital, Ireland and weighed in at 6lbs 6ozs.

Yet again, it is just utterly amazing that, there I was sitting at home, and hey presto, I was able to look at a picture of my new nephew on a device that is countless times smaller than he is, literally within minutes of his birth. I mean, did my parents ever dream that such a thing would be possible in their lifetime? I can’t help wondering where technology will be when it is Adams turn to announce the arrival of someone close to him.

Congratulations and well done Julie!

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  1. Paul Watson Says:

    Congratulations to your brother, James.

    And in the future we will all be able to attend a live birth via VR…. ­čśë

  2. James Mernin Says:

    Imagine the uproar if you tried to post post the birth on YouTube … and people started commenting on the stamina / bravery of the mother (and father even)? The human rights people would go nuts.

    Still though, imagine the endless hours of fun we’d have if they called him Henry –,,, Google (or even Gaggle). My favourite would certainly be (discovered├é┬áby Chris Gallagher).


  3. James Mernin Says:

    From our side of the world — congratulations and may the Mernin family continue to grow.


  4. James Mernin Says:

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the god wishes. Nice to talk to a name sake so far away. Keep the good karma comin’

  5. Terry Mernin Says:

    Congratulations on the new arrival.
    I am curious to know if you are related to the Villerstown branch of the Mernin family. My father was Paddy Mernin (born 1895) and his brother Eddie married my aunt May. My mother (Lily) and father lived in Dublin, sadly both deceased. I have heard from a cousin Noel Mernin in Australia. I believe there is another terry mernin in Dagenham. Thats it for now.


  6. Terry Conroy Says:

    Hi James,
    just found your blog. Nice job. We’ve only recently joined the world of broadband here in Glantane (Cork norh west) so I’m going goggle eyed from browsing. Best wishes to everyone and say Hi to J&B
    Terry Conroy

  7. Megan Mernin Says:

    Hello, its Megan Mernin from England! I’m Eamonn Mernin’s daughter and i just wanted to say hello if you are related to me! (p.s my grandad is Terry Mernin and he lives with me in Romford)

  8. Megan Mernin Says:

    P.S congratulations on Adam Mernin welcome to the famo, can’t wait to meet you x

  9. James Mernin Says:

    Yes Megan, you and Adam are related, cousins I believe. Your grandfather (Terry) and Adam’s grandfather (Jim) are brothers.

  10. James Mernin Says:


    This is the other James from Villierstown. Hope all is well with you and the family. Might bump into you soon, would be good to catch up.

    Take care for now

  11. Michael Mernin Says:

    Congrats congrats, there can never be too many Mernins.

    And this is Michael from New Jersey, USA (JC up above is my big brother). Our grandfather William Patrick left Villierstown circa 1921 for NY. My understanding is that William was a first cousin of Paddy.

    My father James and I, with my son Ryan, then 8, came through Villierstown in March 2003 (I had been previously in 1981, and we met then Terry, you might recall – I was a young and handsome universtiy student, now I am fat and grey).

    We visited with Bridget that March 2003 – no one else was around at the time – and had a pint up the hill.
    Be well, all of you.

  12. James Mernin Says:

    Hi Michael,

    This is turning out to be quite the history lesson for young Adam (now 2 years old). It’s always good to hear from (distant) cousins/relations from around the globe.

    On a lighter note, I think the term “up street” is the one most of the the locals in Villierstown use when talking about the pub at the top of the hill you refer to. It’s a kind of a catch-all phrase for “the pub”.

    For example:

    Q: Were you out last night Paddy?
    A: Yes, I just went “up street”

    Q: Anyone seen Paddy this evening?
    A: Yeah, I think he’s “up street”

    Q: Where’s the birthday party being held?
    A: “Up street”


  13. Michael Mernin Says:

    Duly noted. I just hope it’s still there on my next visit!

  14. Terry Mernin (born Dublin now Kent) Says:

    Hello Megan Mernin {and all other Mernins}

    Your granddad Terry is my cousin. Nice to know the mernin name is still going strong. I have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren, all lovely and healthy thank god, but none to carry on the family name. Romford is not so distant as I live on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.
    Regards to your granddad. Bye for now.


  15. Deirdre Mernin Hughes Says:

    Hello to all the Mernins in Ireland and the U.S. from Atlanta, Georgia. My dad was James F. Mernin (born in Villierstown, lived in New York City most of his adult life). I last visited Villierstown in 1972 (right out of college) with my dad. We stayed in the thatched roofed cottage known as “the Pill” (spelling?). Still there?

    Look forward to a visit back there some day. Recognized lots of names, including cousins Noel and Michael Mernin.

  16. James Mernin Says:

    Hi Deirdre,

    I remember your father alright – he was actually better known to most of us as “Uncle Jimmy”. He and his sister Hannah were actually quite a novelty among my cousins and I (as young kids at the time) as they always brought cool stuff “all the way from America” whenever they visited. My, how the world has become a smaller place…

    My mother tells me that your father visited Villierstown almost every year for quite some time and he was actually present at my baptism. My memory of him was as a slightly balding man with glasses, and always impeccably dressed.

  17. Deirdre Mernin Hughes Says:

    Hi James,

    Your memory is so very accurate. After Dad retired, he would return to Villierstown on an almost annual basis and he always made sure he had a new suit for the trip.

    Thanks for setting up this blog–I feel reconnected to folks now that I feared I had lost touch with. Some day I will visit again.

  18. jim mernin Says:

    hi james
    well done on the mernin blog site,im amazed of all the mernins there are around the world.. fab way of connecting everyone. hope alls well wih kelly and joyce hope to see you all soon
    jim (james ,vilierstown)

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