Upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1 completed

I’ve just upgraded this blog to use WordPress 2.5.1 and thankfully it was a pretty painless process. Whilst there should be very few obvious changes to most readers, there are quite a number of changes to the WordPress dashboard, mostly attempts to make it easier for me to manage the blog.

It will probably take a couple of days to get used to the new interface but I’ve already seen a number of things I do like and some others that I don’t. I like the improvements in the general menu system as it’s now a lot easier to find things.

However, they seem to have overdone it on the rearrangments they’ve made to some of the other screens. For instance, when posting a new article, the categories used to be neatly displayed down the right-hand side of the screen but now they are much lower down and I have to scroll down to configure them. Not only that but the categories themselves are now displayed in a fixed size scrollable area so I also have to scroll down within this area to find some of the categories. This is a real pain, especially as I have a decent sized widescreen monitor with plenty of screen realestate.

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