It’s Just a Game

Incredibly, another Chinese man has died from playing computer games. Apparently, he was attending some sort of online gaming marathon in an Internet cafe and fainted from exhaustion after 3 days playing non-stop. I knew there were some serious gamers out there but didn’t think they would actually risk their health and, more importantly, their life for the sake of it.


3 thoughts on “It’s Just a Game”

  1. In fairness the same can be said for other sports. Many deaths a year in Rugby, from training too hard and from in-game accidents. Runners don’t fair much better. My uncle died from over straining his heart from marathon running.

    But I guess people perceive video games differently. That it isn’t a “valid” pursuit or something one should spend time on.

    Still. The owners of the cafe should have kicked the guy out and saved his life.

  2. That’s quite an interesting view you take on computer gaming being the same as other *sports*. I wouldn’t have classified them as a sport at all due to the lack of physical exertion normally required. However, with the advent of the Nintendo Wii, maybe you have a point.

    You’re dead right though (pardon the pun) – the owners really should have been more responsible.

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