Where were you Manchester United?

I must admit that was totally shocked at the poor performance put up by Manchester United in the Champions League semi-final against AC Milan last night. I don’t think anyone saw this coming, not even the great Johnny Giles or even Sir Alex himself.

After such a crushing defeat of AS Roma just a few weeks ago and an excellent performance against Milan just last week, I really thought they had the measure of the Italian clubs. I fully expected them to go after Milan from the start, giving them no time on the ball, and generally hounding them all over the park, just like they had done so effectively against Roma.

And so the All-Premiership final is not to be yet again as we will see Liverpool play AC Milan once more in a European Cup final, this time in Athens, Greece. Milan will be out to revenge their embarrassing defeat in the 2005 final of the same competition and Liverpool will certainly not want a repeat of the first half from that game (where they were 3-0 down at half-time).

It certainly has the potential to be another classic and I, for one, cannot wait for May 23rd.

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