Research FAME @ TSSG

The TSSG has scored yet another significant first and will lead a new €5.86m strategic research cluster in conjunction with Cisco Systems, Ericsson, IBM, Telefónica and Hewlett Packard. The research cluster is entitled “Federated Autonomic Management of End-to-end Communication Services” and will be funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

At a time where most discussions in Ireland involve the term recession and cutbacks, it is refreshing to some promising news for a change.

You can read more about this story on RTE News or via the Official Press Release

Ireland’s mini-Silicon Valley @ TSSG

Silicon Republic have published an extensive and very uplifting article today about the company where I work. It outlines how we at the TSSG have successfully turned public funding from a variety of national and international sources into real jobs for the region where we live, the South East of Ireland.

With all the talk of recession in the air, it is somewhat refreshing to stand back for a monent and take in the enormity of what has actually been achieved by the team at the TSSG since its creation in 1998.

Long may these successes continue…

TSSG is the Telecommunications Research division within Waterford Institute of Technology.

Blaas win European Bakery Award

As a long suffering purveyor of the merits and delights of Waterford’s most famous delicacy, the humble Blaa (a square-shaped yeast roll), it was with an enormous sense of pride, delight and downright, “I told ‘ya so”, that Waterford celebrated international recognition for the Blaa earlier this week in the form of a Euro-toques award.

In particular, four stalwort Waterford bakeries, Hickey’s and M&D of Waterford City, Harney’s of Kilmacow and Barron’s of Cappoquin were commended for their continued traditional production of the famous roll.

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Science Week at WIT

I had the privilege of accompanying my daughter and a selection of her classmates earlier today to one of the events organised by Waterford Institute of Technology’s Centre for the Advancement of Learning of Maths, Science and Techology (CALMAST) as part of Science Week Ireland.

The event itself, entitled “Dave’s Jungle” featured a unique opportunity to meet exotic animals up close, such as snakes, spiders, scorpions, alligators and iguanas. It was so great to see the excitement and intrigue in the children’s faces and the wide variety in reactions to the different animals. However, the biggest thrill of all was the look of pride in my daughters eyes when I walked in the room. It was one of those days when I might have otherwise been too busy (or not bothered) to attend, but am now so glad that I did.

Well done CALMAST and thank you for a very special experience!

Waterford’s reaction to Newgate Shopping Centre objections

Wellboy at Up The Deise has truly outdone himself this time with this hilarious skit on the (likely) reaction of Waterford City Council to an objection submitted against the proposed new shopping centre on Newgate Street in Waterford City.

Some of you may have already seen a (cruder) variation of this same video based around Cristiano Ronaldo’s on/off move from Manchester United to Real Madrid (not for the faint hearted or easily offended though).

Waterford Univeristy Status – Media Coverage

Over the past few weeks, the long suffering case for University status for Waterford Institute of Technology has attracted a lot of attention, principally due to the publication of the long awaited report by the Government-appointed independent expert Dr. Jim Port.

Here are some of the more prominent articles and related discussions that I have encountered during this time (in reverse chronological order):

Date Article Source
1 October 2008 Decision on University for Waterford Life’s simple, why change it?
18 April 2008 Fruits of new New Labour? Life’s simple, why change it?
10 April 2008 Waterford University Request Considered RTE News
9 April 2008 Someone dusted off Danny Life’s simple, why change it?
8 April 2008 No More Universities! The Irish Times
9 April 2008 Someone dusted off Danny Life’s simple, why change it?
9 April 2008 Waterford’s case for a University The Irish Times
9 April 2008 Waterford’s case for a University The Irish Times
5 April 2008 Waterford University The Irish Times
25 March 2008 WIT is the only Contender The Irish Times
13 March 2008 Something is rotten in this state! Life’s simple, why change it?
1 March 2008 FUSE Campaign Launched FUSE
21 February 2008 Port Identites Star Board Life’s simple, why change it?
20 February 2008 Dr. Jim Port’s report finally published Department of Education
14 February 2008 What does Waterford University mean to me? Life’s simple, why change it?

This is not a comprehensive list of every article that has been published on the matter but rather the ones that have interested me, and that I feel might be of interest to others who also support the campaign like I do.

FUSE to bring a Univeristy to the South East

FUSE are an independent group of like-minded people from across the South East of Ireland campaigning for a University for the South East region. People from a wide variety of backgrounds have come together, united for one cause – to bring a university to the South East!If you are interested in lending your support or simply want to read more about this important issue, you can either sign their online petition or visit their website for further details. The website contains a number of excellent articles on why this is such an important issue.

So, if you have not done so already, please take the time to lend your support to the Friends of the University of the South East now .


Structure 101 by Headway Software nominated for Jolt award

Congratulations to the team at Headway Software whose excellent Structure 101 product has been nominated for a Jolt award (in the Design and Modeling category). The Jolt Awards are the “Oscars” of the software industry and it is a fantastic accolade for any company to even be nominated.

The very best of luck to Chris, Paul, Ian and the rest of the Headway team in March when the winners are announced.

Sources: Chris Chedgey, Reuters

Over The Edge: Photography Exhibition

Over the Edge is the title a new photography exhibition that will run in Dunmore East, Co. Waterford during November 2007.It features a collection of photographs taken by John Mernin during a boat journey from Dunmore East to Brownstown Head, County Waterford ( off the South East coast of Ireland).

The exhibition will take place at the Fisherman’s Hall in Dunmore East on Saturday, November 17th and Saturday, November 24th, from 11am – 4pm on both days. Several mounted prints are available for purchase and are priced at €30 (€5 of which will be donated to the Dunmore East Sea Scouts).

So, if you fancy doing something different for an hour or so over the coming weeks, why not drop by and lend your support.

Deise Dictionary Volume Tew

I’m proud to support the recent publication of The Deise Dictionary of Waterford Slang, Volume Tew, brought to you by Wellboy and the team at With over 250 new words, it’s another cracker and would make a great addition to any home that has any links to Waterford. Once again, it is filled with useful (and not-so-useful) phrases for all walks of life in Waterford, Ireland.

It’s available from Eason’s and all good book stores in the Waterford area as well as online at

Best of luck Wellboy, boy!