Useful tricks and tips for Geeks

I’ve encountered a number of SlashDot posts over the past week or so which discuss some of the more useful aspects of several computing tools that I use regularly. I’d commented on the first two individually (Forgotten Unix Tricks and Useful Vim Tricks) but since then, several more have emerged.

So, here are the links to each of them in one post, showing their original titles (not mine):

If someone (not me) were to make these into a book, I reckon it would prove to be quite popular. I know I’d certainly buy a copy.

Useful Vim Tricks

Inspired by an earlier post on forgotten Unix tips, another SlashDot contributer has created similar post discussing the many and varied merits of the popular Vim text editor (my editor of choice for many years now).

Once again, many of them were familiar to me but I was pleasantly surprised and suitably impressed by several other which I did not know. One commentator also posted a link to the Best Vim Tips website which I had not seen before.

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