Irish IPv6 Summit

Part of what we do here at the TSSG is to attempt to raise awareness about emerging technologies such as IPv6, whenever the opportunity arises. To this end, in its capacity as a member of the Irish IPv6 task force, the TSSG is helping to organise an IPv6 Summit which has been specifically designed to raise awareness of IPv6 in the public and private sector.

So, if you have even the remotest interest in the Internet technologies, you should try to make it along.

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IPv6 Here We Come

The IPv6 debate has been rolling on now for several years with no definitive end in sight. However, for my money, the addition of several IPv6 addresses to a number of the root DNS servers earlier this week is another significant step in the right direction for IPv6.

For those of you fortunate enough not to be involved in the debate, this report by the BBC Technology website includes a simple (and brief) overview of what IPv6 is and why it is required. It’s well worth 2 minutes of your time if you have a passing interest in computing or technology generally.

Source: SlashDot