Laughing Babies

Given that I’ve spent the better part of the last month preparing for summer examinations for my Masters, I found myself in need of regular enlightenment and succumbed to severe bouts of distraction in the form of YouTube and other such sites. Here is my final installment:

I defy you not to laugh along, especially to this little fella who sounds like he smokes a couple of twenty-packs per day!

Pingu goes fishing

Check out this priceless episode of Pingu where he attempts to go fishing but is outsmarted by a very clever sea lion. It’s not only another brilliant piece of animation by the creators of this adorable Antarctic penguin but is also extremely clever and very, very funny. All this and not a word of any language spoken other than his own expressive (and transcontinental) utterances.

Whether you have children or not, this is well worth watching and will bring a smile to your face.

How stupid can you get?

It beggars belief that in the current climate of international terrorism, someone could be so stupid that they would actually enter an International Airport wearing a circuit board with some wires and flashing lights on their T-Shirt.

We’ve all heard the not-so funny stories about the Irish guy who joked with the check-in attendant about the likely contents of his luggage and found himself in jail for several weeks as a result. But this one really does take the biscuit (or bread board to the techies out there).

I mean, what did she think they would say?

Source: SlashDot

Smiley Face turns 25

Your friend and mine, the inimitable Smiley Face turned 25 years old yesterday (Wednesday, 19 September 2007). The only shocking thing about this is that when I saw the phrase “25 years ago” in the article, my brain immediately thought “that’d be around 1975 wouldn’t it?“.

Imagine my surprise (and subsequent disappointment) when I realised that 25 years ago is in fact 1982. I must be getting older!


Source: SlashDot