Farewell to the King of Pop

You can say what you want about the Michael Jackson but for my money he was a musical genius and his death is a tragic loss to the world. I’m sure the debate about his many and varied character flaws will live on but not for anywhere near as long as his music will.

It’s a real shame that he didn’t get to perform the series of concerts he had scheduled for The O2 Arena in London. Who knows what other great music he might have written on the back of the renewed confidence he could have gained from them. I had the privilege of seeing him perform in Cork, Ireland in 1988 and to this day, I’ve yet to see anything quite like it.

On a related note, you can look at a collection of his finest work on the excellent MUZU TV.

Ronnie Drew R.I.P.

Today will go down as a say day in the annals of Irish folk music as it marks the death of Irish musical legend, Ronnie Drew. Most famous for his role as the singer with the Irish folk group, The Dubliners, Ronnie passed away earlier today in Dublin after a long illness. He was just 73 years of age.

Ronnie was almost as famous for his immaculately groomed white beard as he was for his unique voice. Whether he was talking or singing, or looking down the lens of a camera, Ronnie was unmistakably himself. He was truly one of a kind in every way possible and his passing will leave a void in Irish life for some time to come.

As we say in Ireland, “Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam” which translates to, “May his soul be on God’s right side”.

Seamus Brennan R.I.P.

I was saddened to learn of the untimely death of Irish Politician Seamus Brennan earlier this morning (9th July 2008) at the age of 60. Politicians rarely catch (or hold) my attention but I can recall being impressed by Seamus Brennan on a number of occasions.

His honesty when answering questions and ability to explain complex matters in simple terms were a breath of fresh air in a political world where the norm was to dodge questions and fluff around the subject matter with vague answers and irrelevant waffle.

There were tributes to Seamus in the Irish Times and on RTE News.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

Special Effects Legend dies at 62

I was saddened to learn today of the untimely death earlier this week of the special effects pioneer Stan Winston, at the tender age of just 62. Stan was responsible for the ground breaking effects in movies such as Alien, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Jurassic Park to name but a few. When I think about each of these movies, I can recall being totally blown away by them and never realised that the same person was responsible for them all.

As we say in Ireland, “Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam” which translates to, “May his soul be on God’s right side”.

Source: Underwire