FeedHenry and eircom launch Personal Services Portal

FeedHenry, one of the startup companies from Waterford Institute of Technology where I work, received some positive press today in relation to the recent launch of eircom’s new Personal Services Portal (PSP). The new Web 2.0 portal, called “my eircom“, is powered by FeedHenry and allows users to completely personalise their experience of the eircom website, allowing them to share the wide range of applications and services on offer to other web and social networking platforms as iGoogle, Facebook and many others.

Global Press Coverage

Ireland’s mini-Silicon Valley @ TSSG

Silicon Republic have published an extensive and very uplifting article today about the company where I work. It outlines how we at the TSSG have successfully turned public funding from a variety of national and international sources into real jobs for the region where we live, the South East of Ireland.

With all the talk of recession in the air, it is somewhat refreshing to stand back for a monent and take in the enormity of what has actually been achieved by the team at the TSSG since its creation in 1998.

Long may these successes continue…

TSSG is the Telecommunications Research division within Waterford Institute of Technology.

Science Week at WIT

I had the privilege of accompanying my daughter and a selection of her classmates earlier today to one of the events organised by Waterford Institute of Technology’s Centre for the Advancement of Learning of Maths, Science and Techology (CALMAST) as part of Science Week Ireland.

The event itself, entitled “Dave’s Jungle” featured a unique opportunity to meet exotic animals up close, such as snakes, spiders, scorpions, alligators and iguanas. It was so great to see the excitement and intrigue in the children’s faces and the wide variety in reactions to the different animals. However, the biggest thrill of all was the look of pride in my daughters eyes when I walked in the room. It was one of those days when I might have otherwise been too busy (or not bothered) to attend, but am now so glad that I did.

Well done CALMAST and thank you for a very special experience!