Lotto Torture

Personally, I don’t play the Irish Lottery draw (known simply as lotto) that often but had cause to do so recently on behalf of a group of friends. To make life easy, I decided to let the machine choose the numbers (Quick Pick) and re-use those same numbers for 8 consecutive draws.

I then visited the Lotto Website every couple of days and used their new feature (fantastically named Check My Lotto Numbers) to see if we had won anything. All you do is enter your 6 numbers, choose how many draws you want to check again and press a button. It will then tell you if (and when) you’ve won anything.

However, the down-side to this simple feature is that you are naturally tempted to torture yourself by checking the same numbers against every draw that ever was, just in case you ever might have been a millionaire. The temptation is enormous and I killed several cats in the process.

Oh, and by the way, we didn’t actually win anything!