Beautiful Ireland by Joe Cashin

Two of my favourite photographs from the last year or so were both taken by Joe Cashin, an extremely popular contributor on Flickr and also an old friend of the family. Interestingly, both shots were taken in Co. Kerry and clearly demonstrate the truth in the statement that is omnipresent in Irish minds around this time of the year:

If only we had the weather

An Old Killarney Home (Muckross National Park, Kerry)

An old Killarney home

Evening on the Lakes (Killarney Lakes)

Evening on the lakes

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Ireland by Joe Cashin”

  1. We came from Coleraine – my Dad, that is. I would love to return and to live and work in this “Beautiful Ireland”! Thank you for these lovely views. They are a balm to my soul and my mind. Regards, Judith

  2. I love these two photos! Used the cottage one as a bit of inspiration for a short story. 🙂

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