RTÉ Player Launched

The Irish national broadcaster RTÉ has launched its own TV Player allowing viewers (in Ireland) to watch programmes up to 21 days after they were broadcast. It is similar in concept to the BBC iPlayer (which was actually launched several years ago now) with the exception that it does not yet support Radio broadcasts. RTÉ have been broadcasting live TV from their website for some time now with limited availability of pre-broadcast programmes but this takes things a great deal further.

At first glance, I think it looks really well, seems pretty easy to use and plays well on my home broadband connection.

Source: RTÉ News

5 thoughts on “RTÉ Player Launched”

  1. i love rte especiallly desperate housewives and csi

    i love watching csi and desperate houcewives

    i love desperate housewives and csi

  2. Please inform me when we can use RTE Player in the UK. There can be no logical excuse to not let us see some of your good programmes, particularly as we cannot see them on SKY.

    Anne Keat

  3. Anne,

    I have to be honest and say that I am no more than a humble TV subscriber in Ireland with no ties (or allegiance) to RTÉ whatsoever. Therefore, I haven’t the faintest idea when they will make the RTÉ Player available outside Ireland. To be honest, I doubt they ever will because it would mean that they would then have no way to make any money from their programming content outside of Ireland.

    To be fair, BBC have a similar restriction in place with their iPlayer (which cannot be accessed outside the UK), and I’ve encountered similar restrictions with US media sites too.

  4. My thanks, James, for replying to my plea for RTE Player to be available in the UK. Could there not be a moderate charge made for non-Irish listeners/viewers to view selected programmes on-line? I am thinking particularly of some of the excellent music and documentary programmes on RTE. Also there should be some consideration given to Irish people living in the UK who have a strong allegiance to their home country. Needless to say I am not Irish!
    Again my thanks, James.

  5. It is more than two years since my plea for RTE player to be available in the UK. So an update, we can now watch RTE player by bookmarking RTE, homing in on the site and pressing Player! Simple when you know how!

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