Securing MySQL databases (the short way)

If you have ever installed of MySQL on a *nix system, you may have come across the mysql_secure_installation script. It takes you through a number of interactive questions/steps that help you to increase the security of your MySQL installation, and is quite a useful script.

As we have a high deree of automation in our server environment, we decided to break this script down to its raw MySQL command, and in a nut shell, here is what it actually does behind the scenes (assuming you want to answer Yes to all of the questions it asks in interactive mode):

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('XXXX') WHERE User='root';
DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE User='';
DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE User='root' AND Host!='localhost';
DELETE FROM mysql.db WHERE Db='test' OR Db='test\\_%';

Naturally, you should replace the XXXX in the first command with an appropriate password.

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