Registering a Solaris system from the command-line

After you install Solaris on a system you must register it with Sun before you can do anything useful with it (in particular, apply patches). The most common way of doing this is via the Update Manager application (/usr/bin/updatemanager) which normally runs the registration wizard the first time it is used. However, this application requires a graphical terminal which you many not always have.

So, here is how to register your Solaris system from the command-line:

1. Create a Registration properties file (copy a sample one already on the system)

# cp /usr/lib/breg/data/ /tmp/

2. Add your Sun Developer Connection (SDC) username and password to the new file and save

# vi /tmp/

3. Register the system as follows:

# sconadm -a -r /tmp/

That should be all that you need to do. There is also no need to retain the properties file.

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