Solaris CoolStack, Sun Studio and Ruby

If you are using the Solaris CoolStack edition of Ruby (CSKruby) with Sun Studio 11 (SUNWspro) then you may need to make a small change to one of the Ruby configuration files to tell it where Sun Studio is installed. I would have have expected the installer for the Ruby package to detect this but, alas, it does not.

In my case, this problem will only manifested itself when I attempted to install some platform-specific Ruby Gems packages (hpricot, fastthreads, mongrel).
To remedy this problem:

  1. Edit the file /opt/coolstack/lib/ruby/1.8/sparc-solaris2.10/rbconfig.rb
  2. Search for all instances of SUNWspro and change to the correct location
  3. Save the file and repeat your “gem install” command

2 thoughts on “Solaris CoolStack, Sun Studio and Ruby”

  1. hi, just wanted to say ty for pointing me to rbconfig.rb which on my solaris system is completely bogus for building native extensions with studio11. unfortunately there seems to be a lot more wrong than the path to cc. 🙁

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