Dermot Quill’s World Tour continues in Bolivia

A friend of mine is currently travelling the world. Here is his third report … His previous two reports include adventures in Nepal and Argentina/Chile.

I am now in Bolivia having left Argentina forever. Firstly, we went to Tupiza which is where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid met their end (allegedly). I spent a day there doing what is known as the Triathlon, which consisted of a 15k mountain bike ride followed by three hours on a horse through the most amazing high western scenery (and yes, I can reasonably control a horse at this stage) followed by another 2-hour jeep climb to 4200 metres and finally another 40 minute gravity-assisted bike descent on hairpin bends.

Next it was an 8 hour drive to the Salt Plains of Uyuni. It is impossible to describe how incredible they are so I won’t bother. Look at pictures on the internet. We stayed the night in a hostel built entirely of salt bricks, including the bed. The “carpet” was unrefined salt. I had dinner there too but ironically it needed more salt!!!

I am now in a place called Potosi. This was once the richest city in the world thanks to the silver mines. Over 8 million Indians died here over the course of 200 years. I’m going down the mines myself this afternoon.

Anyway off to buy a few sticks of dynamite for the mine visit (and I am not joking by the way!).

All the best, Dermot

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