Proud to be a Deise

Today was a truly memorable and historic day for Waterford Hurling as they claimed their second National Hurling League title … a whopping 44 years after claiming their first. What makes the victory even sweeter though is that fact that they beat a Kilkenny team and denied them their third title in a row in the process – sweet!!!

Most impressive was the late, strong finish put up by Waterford – something they had not been known for in the past, especially against teams like Kilkenny (Cork and Clare too). Sure, we have beaten teams well in the past (from time to time) but usually had a strong lead much earlier in the game. But in this instance, the teams were still level at the start of injury time and to see Waterford put in such a determined, dogged final 4 minutes was very, very pleasing.

There was also some great point-scoring from both teams througout the game but the injury-time point by Eoin Kelly was just brilliant – the way he whipped the sliotar on the half-volley from so far out and still managed to put it over the bar.

It was our turn …

Click here to read a RTE’s summary of the day’s events.

4 thoughts on “Proud to be a Deise”

  1. I am from South Africa and I am proud to be a deise today 😀

    It is 12:30 and people are still outside shouting “Up the Deise!”

    Brian is not going to be pleased 😀

  2. Ah yes Chris, indeed I was born in Co. Tipperary but purely because there was no room at the Inn in Waterford.

    However, in full accordance with GAA protocol on this matter, given that both of my parents and all 4 of my grandparents (as well as the family donkey and full catalog of black labrador dogs called Rebel) were all born in Waterford, I think this adequately qualifies me to support the Deise!!!

  3. Up the Deise, We welcome all support, even from Tipp men. I’ve never met so many Kilkenny supporters that were “delighted” for Waterford to win. They all gave the impression that if they got this in first that all the proud Deise would go a bit easier on the slagging – big mistake!

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