Life after Research and careers in research

I heard an interesting discussion on Irish Radio last week (The Last Word on Today FM) about what it means to have a career in research in Ireland. It featured Dr. Tim Yeomans (Post Doctoral Researcher at Trinity College, Dublin) and Professor Michael Ryan (Professor of Computing at Dublin City University).

The discussion centered around the career prospects (job security, career structure) for Irish researchers and whether or not we have missed the boat in terms of the Knowledge Economy. They also talked about why very few private sector companies are willing to invest in Research & Development at present.

Click here to listen to a PodCast of the show (the article starts at around 5 minutes, 45 seconds in). I didn’t catch the entire piece but the bits I did hear were quite interesting.

Also recently published (with the same theme) was an article entitled The Post-Doctoral Research Experience in Ireland (in a recent edition of EmbarkReview, a publication by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology).