Questions & Answers no more

After 21 years at the helm of the RTÉ current affairs programme, Questions & Answers, the presenter John Bowman has decided to call it a day (to focus on other projects).

For me this programme is famed for the appearances of the legend that is Willie O’Dea, who (it was once alleged) only ever seems to appear when the Fianna Fáil Government are knee-deep in controversy. There is no one quite like Willie to shout down every other panel member, no matter what the topic. One of my favourite quotes from him is, “Sure, sure, sure … the-the-the last time that crowd were in Government, they left the health service in rag order“  in reference to whether the current opposition could have any real impact on the heath service.

RTÉ did indicate that they are planning to unveil another current affairs programme to occupy the same slot but without John or Willie on board, will it be as entertaining? Only time will tell.

Source: RTE News