Unimpressive CDWOW experience

I recently purchased 3 CDs from the CDWOW website and have to say I’m pretty unimpressed with the experience. I placed my order on Sunday, 26th July 2009 and it’s now two-and-a-half weeks later (Wednesday, 12th August), I still have not received all of them. It look 10 days for the first one to arrive (with a smashed jewel case), then another 3 for the second one and still no sign of the final one.

They’re not special editions or anything like that, and so should have been in stock. Also disappointing was the fact that I deliberately decided to go with CDs (don’t buy too many of them any more) because they were a present for my daughter’s birthday, but alas CDWOW let me down as the more important ones did not arrive on time.

I think I’ll stick to Amazon in future.