D’unbelievable Irish School Teacher

Classic footage of the infamous headmaster of Glengooley National School from the stage show D’Video by comedy duo D’unbelievables (otherwise known as Pat Shortt and Jon Kenny). I my opinion, this is one of the funniest pieces of video footage ever recorded.

It is jam packed with witty anecdotes from Irish schooling life and never fails to make me laugh. I’ve yet to meet a single Irish person who, upon seeing it for the first time, doesn’t immediately react by naming a school teacher from their own school that he reminds them of. My only regret is that I never got to see this show live.

Effin Eddie Cartoon Tribute

If like me, you have had the privilege of seeing, and more importantly hearing, the now infamous commentary by Eddie Moroney of the 1992 Tipperary Under 21 Football County Final between Aherlow and Nenagh, then you will appreciate this. If features some of the better (audio) quotes from the man himself, combined with a piece of editing brilliance.

Whilst the caricature itself doesn’t necessarily resemble Eddie (particularly due to the absence of his famous red cap), it more than makes up for it through the synchronization with the audio clips. Hats off to the creators of this wonderful clip.

For plenty more of the original video, just search for Eddie Moroney on YouTube.

Deise Dictionary Volume Tew

I’m proud to support the recent publication of The Deise Dictionary of Waterford Slang, Volume Tew, brought to you by Wellboy and the team at UpTheDeise.com. With over 250 new words, it’s another cracker and would make a great addition to any home that has any links to Waterford. Once again, it is filled with useful (and not-so-useful) phrases for all walks of life in Waterford, Ireland.

It’s available from Eason’s and all good book stores in the Waterford area as well as online at www.UpTheDeise.com.

Best of luck Wellboy, boy!

Roy meets Roy

If you get a few minutes, check out these classic interviews with Roy Keane on the Today FM Breakfast Show. They are particularly brilliant because, in the last one, the interviewer is also Roy Keane (otherwise known as Mario Rosenstock, the voice behind most of the characters from the Gift Grub sketches).

In all there were 3 interviews but the last one is the best (in my opinion):

  1. Ian and “Gift Grub” Roy talk about meeting the real Roy Keane
  2. Roy Interview – Part 1 (serious)
  3. Roy meets Roy (hilarious!)

Superb Radio!