Finding CBeebies on Sky TV

CBeebies is a very popoular TV channel in my house but is one of those mystery channels that has never been listed in the regular Sky TV Channel Guide, but instead had to be manually selected from the secret Other Channels section (probably originally set up by the engineer that installed the TV system).

In any case, I noticed t recently that CBeebies stopped working and just showed some cryptic error screen instead (i.e. This channel is experiencing a  technical fault), so I found out how to re-tune it:

  1. Using your Sky remote control, press Services, System Setup, Add Channels
  2. Enter the following values to find some extra channels that include CBeebies:
    • Frequency (GHz): 10,803
    • Polarisation: H
    • Symbol Rate (Mbaud): 22.0
    • FEC: 5/6
  3. Now select Find Channels to see a list of extra channels, including CBeebies
  4. Scroll through these and press the Yellow button on each one you want to add.
  5. When you’re finished, press the Select button (and exit from the Add Channels section)

CBeebies (and any other new channels) should now be listed when you press Services, Other Channels on your TV remote.

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