Easter Wastage

The Irish recycling company Repak released some statistics (estimated) about the waste generated by food and beverage consumption this Easter weekend:

Easter Eggs Purchased: 7 million
Drinks Cans consumed: 42 million
Bottles of Wine: 9 million
Plastic Drinks Bottles: 35 million
Total alcohol/soft drinks: 31 million litres
Total Waste: 42,000 tonnes

Whilst the figures above make pretty shocking reading (to me), it is a bit of a pity that they did not provide the comparative figures for a normal weekend. Even though I am happy enough with my own contribution to recycling generally, there is still plenty room for improvement and the availability of reduced-packaging Easter Eggs this weekend is a good start. Now all they have to do is make them cheaper than the fully-packaged ones!

Source: RTÉ News

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