Brain Surgery with a Banjo

We’ve all seen the documentary where the surgeon operates on a patient’s brain while the patient is still awake, placing electrodes at various points in and around the brain, observing the patient’s behaviour and responses to certain tasks they are asked to say and do, thus increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of their work.

Well, surgeons in the Nashville, Tennessee have just taken this to a new level with the legendary Blue Grass musician Eddie Addock. They actually asked Eddie to bring his Banjo with him to the operating theatre and had him play it while they operated on brain, ensuring that their efforts to cure his essential tremor symptoms didn’t adversely affect his livelihood and life-long passion for music.

So what would you bring to the operating theatre to aid the surgeons?

Source: SlashDot

2 thoughts on “Brain Surgery with a Banjo”

  1. I think I would bring some sort of electronic shock inducing device that could be attached to delicate regions of the surgeon’s anatomy, to be doubly reassured that I have their fullest attention.

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