Whilst helping a friend to set up a home wireless network yesterday, I encountered a very unusual issue with the configuration of the wireless adapter on their laptop. The laptop was a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L7320 and it was running Windows XP Home and contained an Atheros AR5005G WiFi adapter.

No matter what I tried, Windows simply refused to find any wireless networks. It kept saying that either the adapter is disconnected or the switch is off. The adapter was showing up fine in the Device Manager and there was no sign of a switch on the exterior of the laptop.

In the end, it turns out that you have to press Fn + F2 to enable the WiFi adapter on this model. Apparently, you also have to do this after each reboot, which Fujitsu Siemens claim to be a feature.

You learn something new every day!

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  1. Victoria Bartlett Says:

    Im at the same place you were with the message, the only difference is i have already made mure ive enabled the wireless by pressing the Fn and F2 and i have the little wireless light on but im still getitng the message saying the adapter is switched off or the software isn’t downloaded for the wireless adapter.. its driving me crazy now :(
    It was workign fine before until my sis sent through a file with a virus on it and ive had to completly wipe n re-start the laptop due to not even being able to turn it on.

  2. James Mernin Says:

    If you’ve had to reinstall the laptop then maybe it is indeed a problem with not having the correct software. You could try looking in the Device Manager to see if Windows is detecting the Wireless Adapter correctly.

    To do this, select Start, right-click on My Computer and select the Manage option. Then from within Computer Management application, select the Device Manager. Look in the Network Adapters section to see if your Wireless Adapter is present. If it is, then Windows has detected it correctly. If it is not, then that’s your problem.

    Just a thought …

  3. Simon O'Malley Says:

    omg lol an entire year i have had this laptop and i havent known how to do that, it doesnt tell you in its crappy intruction book !!!!! i bought an adapter instead and when i read this i actually dreaded realising i had wasted my money and been kinda stupid all this time but nooooo of course it had to go and work lol well thanks anyway for that i couldnt find instructions anywhere else .


  4. James Mernin Says:

    You’re dead right about the User Manual – I was quite annoyed not to find any reference to this either.

    Since I wrote this post, I’ve come across a few other laptops who have similar functionality but in each case, it was either a physical switch on the side of the laptop or it was actually documented how to do it.

    As for needless purchase of the WiFi adapter, hopefully it wasn’t too expensive. Also, check to see if the adapter you bought is faster in which case you might make use of it after all.

    Thanks for the feedback !

  5. belly Says:

    man,your a hero was pulling my hair out untill i found this.
    many many thanks

  6. James Mernin Says:

    No problem belly, glad it was of some use to you.

    Thanks for taking the time to post your positive comments.

  7. gornoas Says:

    Same here spent ages looking for that switch had the laptop upside down thinking it was hidden somewhere uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers what a waste of time, Thanks

  8. Trevor Says:

    Anyone know where this wifi software can be downloaded from as I also have similar problems to above

  9. James Mernin Says:

    I’m not sure that you need any software to actually enable/disable the WiFi adapter itself. It’s more the combination of the keys shown above that seems to do the trick.

    However, if you are looking for the drivers for the WiFi adapter for this laptop, you should be able to get these from the Fujitsu Siemens Support Site.

    When you get there, select the Downloads link on the left-hand side, then select Notebooks from the Product Line drop-down list, followed by AMILO, AMILO L/EL and AMILO L7320 from the drop-down lists that follow that. Finally, select your operating system and choose the WLAN entry in the list of drivers that appears.

    Hope this helps!

  10. devilmaycare34 Says:

    to all those people who said its not in the manual. u know the suspiciously large piece of paper with pics of the computer parts on it, well one of those squares has a wi fi symbol and the words Fn + F2 on it, u press em and u can flick between on and off, its amazing how ppl overlooked this big square. now my only problem is itll connect to wireless network but wont let the internet in, may hav to ethernet it till all the upgrades are done.

  11. James Mernin Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about the additional piece of documentation. I don’t recall seeing this at the time (but I know the type of thing you’re referring to). I still feel that this should have been included in the User Manual and would suggest that, based on the earlier feedback to this posting (i.e. many others didn’t see it either), the designers of the supporting documentation could have done a better job.

    With regard to your Internet connectivity, if can connect to the wireless network but cannot connect to the Internet, this often means that:

    1) Your Wireless Router does not have a valid connection to the Internet
    2) Your WiFi adapter (laptop) cannot be authenticated by the router.

    In any case, thank you for your feedback.

  12. only1smiler Says:

    I had the same problem but sorting it for a friends daughter…. can’t believe the solution was…. wait for it…. wait for it…. LOAD POWER MANAGEMENT software.

    P.S. don’t use the fujitsu software (odyssey). Let windows do the work for you.

  13. padraig Says:

    Myself and my girlfriend spent an hour trying to sort this and she finally let me have a go, and thanks to this website I have just won bragging rights for life.

    So thank you so much hahahahahahaha

    Dan the Man was wrong!

  14. tonakis Says:

    Hello, I`m helping a friend to set up his new laptop (FS Amilo) with Vista OS. Everything is ok so far, all drivers seems to be installed properly, no question or exclamation marks in the Device Manager tab. I installed the WLAN driver and also everything seems to be alright, no conflicts or any other faults. Now comes the good part, all function keys works fine, except Fn+F1 (wireless turn on key-combination), the wireless sign is on the F1 key, but I also try with F2 – same thing. The green light indicating the status of the adapter is off all the time. From the device properties I saw that this device is enabled. I can`t figure it out, why is that happened ? I`m sure that there is installed wi-fi adapter in the laptop configuration. So guys, help me, any ideas? Regards

  15. tonakis Says:

    I fixed the problem. There is a program in the driver section on the FS site which is called Launcher Manager, after I installed it, everything comes at its place :)

  16. tommy Says:

    i have a fujitsu amilo pro v3515 and would like to no how to turn the
    wireless connection on can anybody help me

  17. James Mernin Says:

    I found the AMILO Pro V3515 Easy Guide (on the Fujitsu Siemens Support website) and saw the following comment on Page 15 about the WLAN module:

    Switching wireless LAN module on and off

    • Press the Wireless LAN Easy Launch button to switch the wireless LAN module on or off. Wireless LAN
    • The wireless LAN indicator lights up when the wireless LAN module is switched on.

    More detailed information on the use of Wireless LAN can be found in the “Wireless LAN” manual. This manual is provided as a PDF files on the “User Documentation” or “Drivers & Utilities” CD/DVD.

    It’s possible that your Amilo model uses a physical switch (perhaps on the side of the laptop) to enable and disable the WiFi instead of a sequence of keypresses.

    For the record, I found the user manual by selecting the Manuals link on the left-hand side of the support website. I then selected Notebooks from the Product Line drop-down list, followed by AMILO Pro, AMILO V3xxx and AMILO Pro V3515 from the drop-down lists that followed.

  18. Joanne Says:

    Hi all, I too have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L7320 laptop and went through the same carry on finding the fn+f2 wireless connection when I first got it!
    Now, however, I have another problem! I want to connect my laptop to my TV to watch movies. I purchased a VGA to 3RCA cable from ebay which appears to fit correctly to the VGA output at the back of the laptop which has a TV symbol above it and the other end of the cable has 3 RCA plugs which fit the AV3 socket on my TV. The colours are different from the usual red white and yellow, but I found info online explaining which colours go where. I also found advice on another forum which says all you have to do to display the laptop screen contents on the TV is to press fn+f4 (which does have a symbol on it with a laptop and a TV). However I have done this but to no avail – the TV screen remains black! There is no indication on the laptop if pressing these buttons even has any effect on it as there are no LED’s or on-screen confirmation.
    Anyone got any ideas? I would be very grateful!

  19. James Mernin Says:

    From my perspective, the 3 RCA connectors on the AV socket of a typical television are usually yellow, red and white. The yellow is for video and the red/white pair are for the (stereo) sound. However, I’m a little puzzled by the RCA connections on VGA adapter that you purchased since anything connected to the VGA connector of the laptop is only ever going to be for video (since VGA contains no audio signals). If the colors of the RCA connectors don’t match, there’s a good chance they are not being used correctly.

    Most laptops do have some sort of special/function key sequence that is used to display to other devices and it sounds like you have identified the correct function keys for your laptop (based on the icons you describe). It is very rare though that laptops provide a LED to indicate which device it is displaying to but I can tell you that most laptops have the ablity to display to either the laptop (LCD) screen, the external VGA connector or to both at the same time. Thus, you often have to press the special/function key sequence a number of times to get the desired results.

    Also, regarding your TV, I would also try to verify that the 3 RCA connectors you describe are in fact AV3. Perhaps, they are AV2, or AV4 or something else.

    Finally, you should also try to verify what screen resolution your television can in fact display. It’s entirely possible that it can only do 640×480 in which case you might have to reduce the screen resolution on your laptop to this and try again.

    Best of luck!

    often, you have to press the function keys a number of times to get the desired results.

  20. Joanne Says:

    Hi, thanks for your reply. The cable I purchased has 3 rca plugs on it. Blue, red and green. I found on another forum advice saying that blue is for the video output and is equivalent to yellow, red is for the right had sound and is the same as the red cable in britain and green is for the left sound, which equivalent to the white cable. I assumed these are the colours used in china as I note alot of these cables are being shipped from Hong Kong on ebay, although, I got mine from a seller in Ireland. My TV is only 3 years old and is pretty modern, it’s a Daewoo 32″ widescreen CRT ( don’t know the model number). The listing for the cable said that these cables will connect the laptop to an HDTV – do you think that this could be something to do with it?

  21. Erin Says:

    I must say it took me a while to find the function key for the wireless, but I did and all was good for a while. Now my problem is that my keyboard doesn’t work anymore and I’m having to use a USB keyboard instead. But my wireless has managed to turn itself off and of course my USB keyboard doesn’t have the function keys and I need to find a different way to enable the wireless. Any suggestions?

  22. James Mernin Says:

    From the sound of it, I doubt the fact that the cable is intended for a HDTV has anything to do with it. After all, it’s just a cable, with no fancy electronic components build into it, right? The only other suggestions I could make would be to try the cable with a friend’s laptop/TV or vice versa. Other than this, I can’t think of anything else off hand.

    That’s a real pity and I bet you it isn’t something that Fujitsu Siemens thought of when designing that feature. Other laptops have a physical switch on them for the wireless and now I know why. The only suggestion I could make is to see if Fujitsu provide a software program to enable the wireless. You could try their Technical Support site (see earlier in this thread for a link to that)

  23. James Mernin Says:


    I found this related article today containing details of how to enable/disable the WiFI adapters on a variety of different laptop models.


    It also contains details about how to do this from the operating system. It’s a long shot but might be worth reading all the same. Let us know if it helps.

  24. FLO Says:

    Thank god for you guys, my computer is an amilo (I don’t know which one) and to enable wireless it’s actually Fn + F8 or F9, i am not sure which one and I can’t disable it now but anyway, couldn’t have done it without you, big thank you!

  25. Jordan Says:

    Well my instruction manual told me. Read anyway i figured out a new way go to C:/Launch Manager and create a shortcut on the desktop of the icon that looks like a laptop and you can launch from desktop.

  26. willem Says:

    for some of you, this may be a solution:


    Willem, the Netherlands

  27. Rebecca Says:

    I need help my laptop wont connect to the internet wirelessly its an amilo but when i right click on the my computer and follow that the wireless connection isnt there. what do i do?

  28. James Mernin Says:


    The original purpose of this article was to describe how to enable the Wireless Adapter on an Amilo laptop. It sounds like you are having this problem but might not have read the original post. Please read it again from the start and see if the answer you are looking for is there.

  29. mary Says:

    Hi I have an AMILO L7320, I’ve had it 3 years and it was connected via a router to my home computer. Then one day it all went boom and now my computer has Internet but not my laptop. I rebooted my laptop so now when i put it on and click the Fn+F2 the light comes on but no Internet.

    I’ve been messing around with it but still nothing. If I try to access the net it says not available offline.

    And do i even need a router?


  30. James Mernin Says:


    There are a couple of things you should clarify before we can help you further:

    1. When you say your laptop was connected via a router to your home computer, this suggests that your laptop was not connected to the Internet, just to your home computer. Is that correct?
    2. Can give some more details about what went “boom”? Was it your router, your laptop or your home computer, or even something else?
    3. How exactly are you trying to access the Internet? Describe the menu options you are using and the questions the computer is asking you.
  31. mary Says:

    thanks for such a quick reply. i’m sorry i was so brief its because i really don’t know how this stuff works.

    when i brought my laptop i had no idea how to set it up, so i asked a friend who told me i needed a net gear router. so i bought a router and set it up so that my computer with internet, was connected to a router, and that my laptop was connected to the router so had internet.

    then one day all of a sudden the internet on my laptop stopped working.

    i rebooted the laptop. and since then nothing..(nothing works)

    the router i think is broken, because it doesn’t allow internet access to the computer either. but my 1st question is, do i even need a router?

    secondly, when i put my laptop on and click fn+f2 the light comes on but nothing else is working

    thanks James

  32. James Mernin Says:

    The short answer is Yes, you probably do need the router, particularly if you want to access the Internet from your laptop.

    Firstly, is allows you to share your Internet connection among all the computers in your home. It also allows you to give friends Internet access when they visit you.

    Another benefit of the router is that it allows your various computers to talk to each other (i.e. to share files amongst other things).

    It’s possible that the router has some form of security (which is common) that is rejecting your laptop. Perhaps if you talk nicely to your friend, they might be able to provide you with additional assistance.

  33. mary Says:

    but the internet doesn’t work on the computer when the routers plugged in. do i need a new router? thanks

  34. mary Says:

    if you have fully functioning router, and push fn+f2 on your laptop does the internet automatically work, or is there more to it then that?

    because if i put the internet wire into my laptop im still getting nothing

  35. James Mernin Says:

    I’m afraid there are too many things that could be the source of your problem here, and it really isn’t possible for me to say for sure based on the limited details you have provided.

    Bear in mind that, depending on the type of router you have (ADSL, cable), there may be a username or password required for it to connect to the Internet.

    I think you really need to seek the advice of a friend (or the store where you purchased the router) to take it further from here.

  36. Fiona Says:

    Have read through this thread desperately hoping to find a solution to my daughter’s Fujitsu Amilo wireless internet access problem. After much fiddling around, I managed to get it to connect to the internet yesterday via my unsecured BT Voyager wireless set-up. Had to use the Odyssey software to get the laptop recognised.

    But at home she is unable to connect to a secure network using the password provided – she’s tried the odyssey connection software, can see the network, inputs the password and all she sees is a “trying to connect to JOHN network” message and nothing happens.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  37. James Mernin Says:


    So what you are saying is that the laptop works fine on your unsecured wireless network but does not work on your daughters secured network.The only suggestion I can make here is to try to identify the root cause by process of elimination.

    Firstly, you could try connecting your laptop to your daughter’s network – this will validate the password on that. Secondly, you could try switching off the security on your daughter’s network and see if that helps (then reset it and try again).

    I’m afraid that I am not familiar with the Odyssey software you are referring to and without a lot more details, cannot think of anything else at this time.

  38. Fiona Says:

    Thanks for this – we’ll try my Acer (which connects to anything in range) and see if that works. I think the hard lesson here is that wireless laptops are not all equal and some are much more difficult to connect than others.

  39. Tony Says:

    Hi – I’ve installed from the FJ website the recommended Launch Manager and I’m still unable to connect wirelessly. The laptop works without problem directly connected to the Internet. When the Fn + F1 buttons are pressed there is no difference to the display. The Device manager shows the Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adaptor and when selected displays that the device is working properly. Does the Launch Manager need to be activated or is this automatic? Any suggestions extremely welcome.

  40. James Mernin Says:

    I’m not familiar with the Launch Manager software you are referring to but you could try the following:

    1. Click Start, Connect To, Show All Connections
    2. Right-click on the connection for your Wireless Adapter and select Properties
    3. In the General tab, enable the two options at the bottom (show icon and notify me)
    3. Open the Wireless Networks tab
    4. Enable the setting at the top called “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings”

    Now, each time you enable or disable your WiFi adapter using Fn + F1 you should see a little network icon in your system tray. Clicking on this may provide you with additional information on what is happening.

    Best of luck


  41. Tony Says:

    James – many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately your suggestion didn’t resolve the problem. I spoke to an extremely helpful help desk engineer in FJ and he told me that reloading the Launch Manager actually uninstalls it. I reloaded the Launch Manager and this took me to a state where the box to select the Wlan presented itself. I wasn’t able to select the Wlan and the FJ engineer then talked me through a change in the system setup first selecting F2 and enabling the Wlan at Bios time. It now works perfectly. Top marks to FJ a real helpdesk!

  42. James Mernin Says:


    Many, many thanks for taking the time to post back your success story. It would have been all too easy for you to just get on with it and not bother posting back. However, now that you have done so, this article is the better for it.

    Thanks again!

  43. William Ahmadi Says:

    erm i got a L7310GW it seems 2 be missing the actual driver for it but it seems to be not supported by support anymore so the fujitsu have not got the driver on there support page and no matter where i go i cant find it mail me at rocky1193@hotmail.com if u gound the driver and not using driver doctors or anything just the driver download please

  44. James Mernin Says:


    I’m afraid I don’t have a driver as the laptop belongs to a friend of mine who has since moved to another country. However, you could try connecting the laptop to the Internet using the Ethernet port (perhaps via a fixed port on a router) and see if you can get Windows Update to fetch a suitable driver from the Microsoft website.

  45. Conor Healy Says:

    Hello I have a different sort of problem but it runs along the same lines as some of the problems listed above! I have an ordinary Dell desktop computer and have been using a conceptronic wireless usb adapter for my wireless internet for the past year. Suddenly now when i put the adapter into the pc the computer does not read it and the connection box that used to come up as part of the installed conceptronic driver does not appear. Also, try as i might, i cannot find the wireless network tab in the properties of network connections – it just isnt there anymore! The activity light flashes on the adapter but never establishes a link. When i go to device manager i can locate the conceptronic adapter and it appears to be working correctly but i cant even try to connect! It is a strange problem that i cant put my finger on, i think the presence of the conceptronic icon in the tray and the absence of the normal connection box when clicked on has relevance in this mystery (it tells me that windows cannot configure this network connection and that if i have enabled another program to use this connection i should use that). Help would be much appreciated!

  46. Jocy Says:

    i am using amilo li 1718 and i have enabled wireless lan setting from setup by pressing f2 on booting but my wireless button still wont turn the wireless on. what do i do?

  47. geof Says:

    i just baught a siemens amilo laptop and wenever i enable wifi the pc just freeses an i have xp last edition service pack 3 can anyone help PLEASE

  48. EllyExtacyULTIMATEM Says:

    I dont know which but my laptop is one of ze fujitsu siemens range and yeah MAHOOSIVE fail on board…

    I’ve pressed Fn+F2, Fn+F1…. NOTHING.

    Really starting to annoy me…

    Some one help? PLEASE?
    Pretty please with a wotsit on top!x

  49. ICE Says:

    Hey. After formatting and installing XP, there is NO wireless adapter in the network connections. Pressing the wireless switch launches it, and its light goes on, but there is No wireless connections manager appear, neither does it recognize the available wireless network.

    I installed the driver offered by FS , still the same.

    What could the solution be? I googled too much, no resoultion.

  50. James Mernin Says:

    You really should clarify what you mean by “Massive Fail on Board” as this expression is simply too vague for anyone to even attempt to help you.

    Pressing the Wireless switch really should launch the “Found New Hardware” wizard inside Windows. Does your re-installed XP recognise other types of removable hardware such an USB memory stick etc?

    @Everyone Else
    the volume of messages on the thread tells me a number of things:

    1. The Fujitsu Siemens range of laptops are not the most reliable out there
    2. The quality of support on the Fujitsu Siemens website is less than perfect

    Please once again bear in mind that I longer have access to the original laptop in question and am therefore unable to make any hard recommendations to your various problems, outside general ones from my own personal experiences.

  51. ICE Says:

    Thanx James for ur quick response.

    Yes, it does recognize everything plugged in, including USB.

    I add that there is no Wireless network adapters in the device manager. I tried to install the driver manually by browsing to it from the Add new hardware wizard, and I selected the ini file of the driver provided by FS. Yet there appear numerous wirless devices, dont know which to select from them. I randomly picked one, yet nothing new. I think this is useless anyway.

    btw, I opened a similar topic on FS’s forums:


  52. stijn dierckx Says:

    Thanks James Mernin
    You saved me a from 0/10
    thanks 4ever

  53. stijn dierckx Says:

    James Mernin for givin’ me the report site

  54. Paul Linekar Says:

    Hi James,

    My girlfriend has a fujitsu siemens amilo li 2727 and is having trouble accessing the internet. Her wireless light is on but is red. She has tried to join her network but her laptop cant find the network. Everyone else in the house has access so i dont think its the broadband box. Can you help?

    Thanks Paul

  55. Mr Vorn Says:

    If any of you good folks are still having a problem with the WLAN card in a FSL LI2727 This issue has been permanantly been resolved by Fujitsu Siemens on the li2727 with a bios update on 21.05.2009. It wouldnt be a bad guess that they may have done this across the range

    My machine has been working perfectly since I did this and I have had no need to use FN-F1 at all.


    untick the box marked ‘Show only supported operating systems’

    this will open up a disclaimer click on the ‘Close Information’ arrow

    (you may need to wait for options to appear)

    click on the + sign next to ‘Other Operating System’

    (you may need to wait for options to appear)

    then select the ‘Embedded Operating System’ radial button

    (you need to wait for options to appear)

    then click the + symbol next to ‘Flash Bios’

    The latest one is at the top ‘current BIOS V. 1.10: Solved problems: – WLAN RF will be automatically turned off after rebooting.

    There are options for applying the update:

    You can make a floppy disk (not sure how you use it without a floppy disk drive, unless you have a usb one of course),

    or a bootable cd image which you can burn then boot your pc with,

    or use the windows flash utility install and run it on your pc.

    I used the windows flash utility as it is a 32 bit windows application that runs just fine on Vista so is therefore the easiest way IMHO.

    This is a pretty straight forward activity if you are competent pc user.

    Just follow the instructions for the BIOS flash in the file readme.txt

    Make sure the AC power is plugged in as if you run out of power or if you mess it up or stop it halfway through you may render your machine inoperable.

    I used to be a desktop support engineer and have done this many many times using floppy disks on IBM laptops without any problem of any sort.

    If once you have read the instructions you dont feel comfortable then dont do it, call Fujitsu Siemens and they should be able to talk you through it.

  56. gordzilla Says:

    You is a top banana. I was going mad with other t’Internet solutions till I found this. 5 mins later, the problem is sorted, thx very much top geezer, you is diamond,


  57. Guest Says:

    Thank you TONAKIS for your comment. After installing the “Launch Manager” the WiFi button finally began working !!!

  58. Laura B Says:

    I am having problems with connecting the internet on an Fujitsu Amilo LI 2727. Originally i could not get the wireless to turn on, after reading this very helpful thread, i downloaded Launch Manager which did the trick. I was then able to pick up on my wireless network and it appeared to connect successfully. When i try to browse to a webpage i get page cannot be displayed. I know the wireless is working as i am connected to it now, writing this message. I then followed Mr Vorn’s advice and updated the BIOS but still no joy, just getting page cannot be displayed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  59. James Mernin Says:


    I’m not sure I understand your problem. The fact that you have been able write your message on this article tells me that you have made a valid Internet connection from your laptop. However, you then say that when you browse to a web page, you get a “page cannot be displayed” error. These two seem to contradict each other. I wonder if your problem is limited to certain websites? Which website gives you the error?

  60. Will Says:

    Fixed the wireless issue-
    Update the bios to the newest version and the wireless adaptor turns on before you log on so there isn’t any of the Fn+F2 rubbish before you can connect to the network :-) Even on battery power, the laptop automatically turns on the wireless and connects to the internet just like any other normal laptop :-)

  61. Laura B Says:

    Sorry James, Just realised i wasn’t very clear. The fujitsu amilo li2727 laptop is my friends which i am trying to fix for her. I am connected to the internet on my own laptop which works fine, so thats how i know the internet works fine. I am still having the same issue on the fujitsu, i cannot browse to any webpage i have tried, such as google, bbc, msn etc.

  62. James Mernin Says:


    There are many, many possibilities as to why you might not be able to connect to the Internet on your friends laptop (or any laptop for that matter), for too many for me to attempt to diagnose remotely.

    One thing you could try however is to compare some of the network settings from your laptop against those on your friends. On Windows XP, click Start, Control Panel, Network Connections. Then see if you both have a “Wireless Network Connection”

    If so, then right-click on it and select Properties and compare the settings of both laptops. If not, you need to find out why your friends does not have this interface.

    I’m sorry I cannot be of more help.

  63. steve Says:

    Thanks James, I was going crazy until I read your solution.

  64. syco Says:

    My amilo L1310 has no softkeys just a switch which wasn\’t working turns out the power manager was playing up got a wierd message from \”PM\” about a problem at startup uninstalled and reinstalled Power manager and problem solved hope this helps someone! http://support.de.ts.fujitsu.com/download/ShowDescription.asp?SoftwareGUID=E2D640EB-24AD-4880-93BB-DA4DA73D7B3E&OSID=665F4A20-6E31-43C3-82C2-D98CE773007C&Status=True&Component=Application%20-%20Tools%20and%20Utility

  65. robert Says:

    hy i have a amilo L1310g laptop and i don’t know how to instal my wlan adapter i tried a lot of drivers but it doesn’t work

  66. Help Says:

    i have the amilo fujitsu siemens ive had it since last year and my internet connection has been working fine, untill now i tried pressing the fn +1 which normally should bring up a box inwhich i click connect but i tried pressing it and nothing comes up

    so i cant connect to the internet on that laptop ive tried restoring it and scanning it for virusus, nothing seems to work any help ? (;

  67. John Grant Says:


    I have the same problem as “help”. I have had the Laptop for a year, on Vista. The short cut is FN+F1. It does nothing for some reason. I have tried system restore to see if it was any virus ir something, and it still doesnt work.

    It all works fine if I connect it via one those ethernet wire thingy’s to my router so it must be something to do with the wireless thing.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  68. James Mernin Says:

    Once again, please accept my apologies for the lack of response on my part on the various issues people are reporting here. As I mentioned before, I no longer have access to an Amilo laptop as the person who originally encountered this problem is now living abroad.

    I did contemplate closing this article (which would decline any future comments) but have decided to leave it open for potential/future advice, discussion and tips by others.

  69. Maz Says:

    Thank you for all the comments, i have had my laptop for a year now and have only just found out how to turn the wireless on.

  70. Josep Says:

    He encontrado la solucion para poder activar el boton Wifi. en los portatiles Amilo el mio es el L1310G, pero a de funcionar en todos
    Se trata del driver de Fujitsu: ” Power Manager silent mode/RF”
    Les dejo el enlace

    Traduccion de Google:

    I found the solution to activate the wireless button. in the portable Amilo L1310G is mine, but working in all
    It is the driver from Fujitsu: ” Power Manager silent mode/RF”
    Leave the link:

  71. christian Says:

    i cannot use wifi anymore after installing windows 7. what will i do?

  72. James Mernin Says:


    As you will probably see from the rest of this thread, it has been quite inactive for some time. Also, I no longer have access to the original laptop and also do not have a copy of Windows 7.

    Therefore I recommend that you consult some of the Fujitsu Siemens support websites for assistance with your problem as they are more likely to be able to help you. Of course if you do find a solution, feel free to post back your findings.

  73. Dave Says:

    Been trying for two days after a factory install to get this adaptor working for my grandson. Just happened to come across this command [Fn + F2] looking for the manual, and lo and behold it now works. Thanks whoever found it and posted the information

  74. Matilda Says:

    Thaaaaanks! I´ve had my computer for 3 years without being abel to connect wirelessly to internet!!! Thought it was the card and was thinking I didn’t need it. But now I’m happy, sitting in the sun of my outdoor space working with my scool-work… Thank you!

  75. Silver Says:

    i got the Amilo PA 3515 with windows 7 on it , and i cant turn on wifi :( help please ! all drivers are installed

  76. Richard Says:

    I have tried to connect my amilo l7320 wireless to a virgin broadband internet connection through a Netgear router (WGR614 v.9) but everytime I try I cannot get a connection.
    I am using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition service pack 2, and in device manager, the wireless network adapter is recognised as “Atheros AR5005G Wireless Network Adapter”. I have tried a wired and wireless network setup but still nothing works, as it comes up with a message saying the router could not be recognised.
    I have used the Fn + F2 combined to turn on the wireless adapter, but still no connection can be made to the router.
    What is the solution to this?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated on this matter.

  77. vince Says:

    up date your system Bios Via company website .

  78. Joe Says:

    I have an Amilo 3000 Notebook, and it’s been working just fine until today. When I press Fn + F1, nothing shows up so I can turn on WLAN. This has always functioned as it should, but has suddenly stopped working. Anyone else with this problem? What can I do?

  79. mig Says:

    I have a fujitsu siemens 1718 my wireless does not find any networks , i also can not get it to work when i put in a cable. The wireless was working before i had to reinstall windows vista. The laptop hasnt worked by cable for a while now, however i can get on the net with a usb dongle. When I do a diagnosic of the network on the laptop it brings up a window telling me to turn on wireless. Pressing the wireless button doesnt work, and fn+f2 doesnt work . any help would be great thanks

  80. HSEli Says:

    My friend cannot get ineternet on her fujitsu laptop. Wireless signal is strong but service provider say there is something wrong with the settings on the laptop which need altering. Anyone any ideas?

  81. James Mernin Says:

    HSEli, I think you might be better off to try to contact the Fujitsu Siemens support forms about your issue. Unfortunately, there are many, many reasons why this might be happening and without lots more information, you are unlikely to get an answer here.

  82. Pat Says:

    hi, if you are using external keyboard, try ctl + Alt while pressing F1 or F2 depending on what model laptop you have.

  83. Jeroen Says:

    @12 – only1smiler

    Wow, quite indeed, the power manager solved the problem! It was listed on the driverpage as the ‘silencer’ (at least, for my Amilo 1310G), but it solved the problem. Thank you so much!

  84. Getu Says:

    @ Simon O’Malley
    you are right man! I’ve been looking for this for quite a while now. you know at least to know the problem . I still have the problem though.the driver is not working properly and I tried to find an update on windows but no chance. It said the driver software in my device is up to date.
    please help

  85. MELISSA Says:

    hi iv recently upgraded to windows 7 so does the fn+f2 still apply only im doing that and it just dont seem to want to switch on iv tried allsorts of things help!!

  86. Gordon Says:

    AArrrggghhh – after hours of trying to get our Amilo PI 2515 to use WiFi. Thought I’d better add my comment, so others don’t tear their hair out with the same issue

    Tried pressing Fn with almost everything and got nowhere. Looked for the Power Manager, but none for our model. Installed update to WiFi driver, still nothing.

    There’s a tidgy little switch on the front left of the bottom half of the laptop, next to the audio sockets below the light indicators. Must have got caught when putting it away last – slide it back over, WiFi works once more.

    Not all laptops are the same then. 😉

  87. boris Says:

    i have problem also with my fujitsu siemens.i dont know why, from no reason i cant turn on wireles signal button and in device manager i have yellow mark pointing that atheros ar5005g wireles network adapter in not working, code 10, device can not start.when i try to update it all seems working fine but no matter what i cant turn on the buttos so i can have wireless connection.hope anyone can help

  88. marcus Says:

    hey. i have the same problem on a fujitsu siemens computer ( not a laptop). and it doesnt have an FN button. what the **** should i do. its driving me crazy

  89. philippe Says:

    thanks man, Fn + F2 did the job. You saved my day

  90. saqib Says:

    Dear Friendz
    Statnd by YOur laptop
    and drop down its screen
    after u open the screen you will see your wifi indicator is on


  91. Ellis Says:

    Hello, as you guys all no i have the crappy amilo…… :/ i have enabled the adapter and searched for networks, the router is working fine and i cant even pick up 1 router in my area i was handed this laptop from my brother as he got a windows 7 one instead, please help as i will be left without a computer! :(

  92. Siyal Khan Says:

    Here’s a quick Solution. Visit this website for the solution.




  93. Sujee Says:

    Thanks for all your advice. @Pat (Aug 31)’s solution was the one that finally worked for me. My laptop is Amilo L1310G. The wireless button did not work and it could not see any wireless networks. Pressing ALT as well as CTRL while pressing F1 on my laptop keypad has finally fixed the problem. I can now use the button to turn wireless on and off. I had previously tried reinstalling the Power Manager and and also adding the script advised above into a vbs file (WisWBSet.exe could not be found). These did not work. I also tried installing the launch manager (a solution given elsewhere) but this caused a blue screen error and ongoing errors so i had to do a system restore. Hope this info helps others. Thanks again.

  94. jojo de la cruz Says:

    hi..i have a fujitsu m 2010 laptop..my problem is the keyboard doesnt work anymore and i cant turn on my wifi?!?i attached a standard usb keyboard but for me to enable wifi i have to use FN+F5 and most standard keyboard doesnt have that function..how can i turn it on without the keyboard?please help?? im a noob when it comes to this. =(

  95. dave Says:

    I have an Fujitsu Siemens T2130 intel core duo and i want to install wirelles driver. I have a button on the keyboard to turn on , but doesn’t happen anything. How can i turn on the wi-fi? please help !

  96. Sujee Says:

    Amilo L1310G – After my previous post, where ALT CTRL F1 worked, once i restarted my laptop, the wireless went off and ALT CTRL F1 would no longer work. I read somewhere that this wireless button problem was linked with an error message i got when i started up my latop “Register Session Failed….” so i tried the solution which is to download a Power Manager from the fujitsu seimens technical support website. And this worked a treat. It’s under Driver and Downloads, Tools and Utilities: “Power Manager silent mode/RF” . http://support.ts.fujitsu.com/Download/ShowFiles.asp. Good Luck.

  97. Cedric Says:

    Thank you for this thread, saved my life…Donwloaded Power manager and boom! wireless worked on Fujitsu Siemens Laptop. Keep up the good work, bookmarked and will come back to check for solutions with other problems.

  98. Andy Says:

    Thank you James for this blog and huge thank you to Siyal Khan for the links above, I have had my Amilo for almost 4 years and have come to love it, much in the same way you love a car that is old, slow and doesn’t work very well. I have known that it is possible to get my laptop to connect automatically and now thanks to Siyal’s link (http://www.evrim-sen.com/html/amilo-wireless-status.htm) mine does. Such Joy. I still have to wander off and get a coffee while it boots up but at least now I don’t have to come back after two minutes and press Fn F1!!

  99. joseph Says:

    I have got the same problem of enabling WiFi adapter on my Fujitsu siemens laptop it has no sign of wifi button on the key board. I HOPE the tips that i got will help me to enable it.

  100. shafath Says:

    i have formatted my laptop.but im not getting wifi drivers. ps help me out

  101. Lorraine Says:

    I have the same problem my is A Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1818. Tried FN+F2 but nothing change! HELP TO ENABLE THE WiFi PLEASE…

  102. Katie Says:

    I have a Fujitsu siemens laptop and it drives me insane that i have to press fn+f1 to turn the internet connection on, is there anyway i can make it automatically connect without having to press them?

    I havent got any switches or anything on the front to turn it on and off, my dad done put the fn+f1 settings on it when we got the laptop but before he done that it worked without having to press them.

    I no longer have a dad so kinda miffed about how to change it back? any help would be great!! :)!

  103. Jay Says:

    I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L1310g and none of the above worked for me, nothing would turn the switch on. Eventually I came accross this http://www.wirelessautoswitch.com/About.aspx
    switched it straight on for me no hassle. I was nearly going insane until i found this, I would highly recommend. Install it and thank me later.

  104. dave Says:

    [I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L1310g and none of the above worked for me, nothing would turn the switch on. Eventually I came accross this http://www.wirelessautoswitch.com/About.aspx
    switched it straight on for me no hassle. I was nearly going insane until i found this, I would highly recommend. Install it and thank me later.]

    i have a L1310G too. i installed win8 and it found the driver for the wificard.
    the button was still not working. the sollution that i found was to install the xp’s Atheros Client Utility & Power Manager silent mode/RF. now all works fine even the fan mode! the install programs i downloaded from Fujitsu site.


    i came across that program (read above) and it did NOT work in win8 on a L1310G. i was searching my *ss off all over the net. adnd it turns out that the sollution was simple. :)

    win8 runs better than win7 on this laptop. to ad wat was my experience.

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