MicroSD Price Comparison

I recently purchased a 2GB MicroSD memory card for my mobile phone and discovered a surprising variation in the prices, especially when it came to the shipping charges from the Irish-based sites. It beats me why they have to charge so much for a device that is about the same size as your smallest finger nail.

In any case the cheapest offering was from 7 Day Shop and the card duly arrived within the time promised with no hidden charges appearing on my credit card statement.

Supplier Make Unit Price Shipping Total
7 Day Shop (UK)* SANdisk €26.45 €5.80 €32.25
Mobile Fun (UK)* SANdisk €32.27 €3.68 €35.95
SVP UK* Integral €34.87 €7.68 €42.55
Cruicial Crucial €36.41 €7.00 €43.41
Expansys (Ireland) SANdisk €32.95 €13.95 €46.90
Komplett (Ireland) Corsair

* Some sites only quoted prices in GBP and I have converted these based on a rate of €0.68c.

All prices quoted are inclusive of relevant VAT.

2 thoughts on “MicroSD Price Comparison”

  1. Thanks Brian. I will certainly bear them in mind in future.

    However, despite the free shipping, they are still more expensive in this instance – €42.65 for a 2GB SANdisk MicroSD (or TransFlash as they call it).

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