I encountered another computing myth at the weekend where a distant relation (who shall remain nameless) was adamant that the inventor of the modern QWERTY keyboard actually named it after himeself. Could there be a family of Qwerty’s living out there somewhere, lavishing in the success of their famous ancestor, as each family reunion rolls by? Is Frankie Qwerty the mayor of some small town in USA? Did Johnny Qwerty have to endure the wrath of boys school nicknames like Squirty Qwerty and so on? Was my silent laughter unfounded?

Well, frankly, no. The QWERTY keyboard was actually patented by a man called Christopher Scholes in 1868. He later sold it to Remington in 1873 when it first appeared in typewriters.

Interesting all the same that it was invented such a long time ago…

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