Long live Freddie …

If Freddie Mercury (lead singer, Queen) were alive today, he would be 60 years old. The world has still to see another performer with such charisma, vocal abilities and stage presence. He truly was a master of his art and it is still a terrible tragedy that Freddie died at such a young age.

2 thoughts on “Long live Freddie …”

  1. Your parents have excellent taste in music. On the other hand, my own parents’ taste left a lot to be desired. I grew up listening to classics like Brendan Shine, Dickie Rock and Foster & Allen.

    I can still hear my father asking me to “turn down that rubbish” as I pumped up another great guitar solo by Brian May. I can’t help wondering what Freddie would have thought of the whole digital music era. I’m sure he would have loved it.

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